Friday, July 2, 2010

Music for the week...

Since I get bored just posting news and reviews, I'm going to throw weekly updates of "what I'm listening to" (or, actually, what I listened to for the last week). Let's see if this revives my dependence on or what! This first list is probably covering the last ~2 weeks. And it certainly leaves out random songs and short plays of random albums. This is what I have been purposefully listening to. Anyways, here goes...

  • Christina Aguilera's Bionic - Aguilera has returned... from the future lol. She's done your basic pop, and was great at it. She did old-school (by old school, I mean old-school blues, soul, and all that jazz), and I really dug it. Now, she's doing bass heavy pop that's electronic-influenced. Good stuff.
  • HEALTH's ::DISCO2 - Remixes of Get Color by the likes of Crystal Castles, Pictureplane, Gold Panda, ... .
  • Owl City's Ocean Eyes - Doing this to maintain cultural awareness. At least, that's what I tell myself.
  • Uffie's Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans - I heard this was bad (and it is). But I look at the sun sometimes too.
  • Devo's Something for Everybody - Fun in concentrated form.
  • Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster - This has owned my car's stereo for awhile now.
  • Best Coast (no particular album, just whatever I can find online)
  • The Sea and Cake's Everybody - These guys are going to be with Broken Social Scene in the fall.
  • The Like's Release Me - Already told you about this...
  • Sleigh Bells' Treats - Jackie's wake up music.
  • Kele's The Boxer - Solid club music.

And some oldies but goodies...

Ramones' The Ramones, The Clash's The Clash, and David Bowie's David Bowie. Self-titled albums rule.

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