Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Happy Hollows

Earlier this year, during the chaos and disappointment of Coachella no longer selling single day passes, several sweet bands from around the area played a free show (No-Chella) on the Pomona College campus.

Among the bands were a trio known as The Happy Hollows. The singer/guitarist Sarah Negahdari definitely MAKES the band for me. With a Karen-O-esque voice and a powerful strumming hand that rips out super-sick guitar riffs... I'd totally pay to see her strumpunching someone.

Anyways, I've been wanting to see them again and I just ran across a new opportunity (read: free show) to do so. The Hammer Museum at UCLA is putting on a series of free shows this month to promote a few burgeoning bands. KCRW is helping to put this on and it looks like the plan is two bands, with a KCRW DJ filling in the breaks, every Thursday night till July 22. This Thursday, July 8th, The Happy Hollows and Admiral Radley are playing at 8pm. Check out the above link for more info.

You can stream The Happy Hollows album Spells here and you can download the B-sides here for any price you wish to pay (or for free). I particularly enjoy the track Lieutenant, so maybe check that one out AT LEAST. :D*

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  1. Great call on the Happy Hollows show, it was amazing! Thanks so much!