Tuesday, March 26, 2013

IO ECHO, Ministry of Love [stream]

IO ECHO's album is finally available for streaming, via Pitchfork Advance.

I've been following these cats since they opened for NIN on their farewell tour... and I truly don't understand why it's taken so long to get music out to us all.  Hopefully they've tapped into some crazy creative process that just took awhile, though... and all our waiting will be worth it.

Anyways.  Think: Explosions In the Sky meets Camera Obscura?  Great stuff, and I can't quite put a classification tag on it... but that's more exciting, I think.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Biannual Attempt to Restart Blogging...

No news at the moment, but I'm getting this started again.

For now, Waxahatchee recently put out the sophomore LP, Cerulean Salt.  Fantastic stuff give it a listen.  "Peace and Quiet" is where it's at.  Reminds me of how I used to feel listening to Alkaline Trio's "Sorry About That"... but without the shame.  :D