Friday, July 16, 2010

Deerhunter, new album, Sept 28

Good Morning.

Saw this on Pitchfork this morning... looks like Deerhunter has a new album, titled Halcyon Digest, that will be out Sept. 28.

If you head over to their website, there is a poster you can print out. They want you to hang it around your town to promote the new album and, if you do, you can apparently send in photographic evidence to to ensure that you hear the single first.

Not sure if that's worth the effort, or the ink, but I'm all for supporting this noise-rock/ambient-rock band. I say noise-rock/ambient-rock because that's the easiest (not most accurate) way to classify the type of work they've done so far. Their debut was total Liars, noise, anger style rock. Their follow-ups have been much prettier, soothing, and more ambient-rock than noise-rock***. During an interview in 2005, lead vocalist and frontman Bradford Cox said:

The first album is influenced by all these chaotic things that were happening at the time. Our original bass player passed away in a skateboarding accident. He was a very big influence on us as a person and as a friend. He was a very positive person. So I would say, if anything, that the album was the result of a lot of negativity. It was a final statement for that set of feelings, I guess. Once it was done, I said, "OK, I don't ever want to make this album again."

While I'm super happy for the band to have seemingly migrated away from all of the negativity, I'm a little bummed that their music has been so different from what I feel was an amazing debut. Anyways, it's a bit pricey to purchase the debut and it's not really on myspace or (only 1 song), so torrent it if you're really curious. If you're interested in their later work though, well, that's all over the place.

***I think I need to work on a word for what I typically call "noise." More on this later...

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