Monday, August 2, 2010

Music for the week...

I started up again and will probably keep using it now since it runs oh so smoothly with XBOX 360. Check that out for all of your "what did I listen to earlier???" and "what should I listen to next???" type questions.

For these types of posts, I'll basically be running off of what tells me.

Tool: Of course. And their show a couple weeks ago was otherworldly as usual. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for what Tool does live. I know that NIN is a more exciting show, and that Niklas Sundin from Dark Tranquillity can play Adam Jones into his grave, but Tool harmonizes sound and visual art in such a way that you are almost forced to step outside of your frame of reference for a couple hours. Maynard generally asks you in some way to join them for the evening, this time saying, "Whatever's happening outside these walls has nothing to do with what we're doing here. So for the next two hours it's all about us." But, even if you don't listen, you get wrapped up in the experience a few songs in.

France Gall: I've basically been a housewife for the last few weeks, and nothing sets the cooking and cleaning mood for me like French pop. Check out France Gall or Carla Bruni for a sampling.

Trip Hop: This typically brooding genre sprouts from Bristol's underground art scene. The big faces are Portishead, Tricky, and Massive Attack. All deserve a thorough listening to.

Dubstep: Lots of samples. Lots of bass. Lots of repetition. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I was a little bit worried after a few days of testing the waters here. I guess I didn't realize the spectrum of music that would fall under this category. In the end, it seems like dubstep is a broad enough genre that, if persistent, you can find your little niche of what you like. But you'll likely have to sift through a decent amount of stuff you don't like in the process. It took me finding Scuba and DJ Mary Anne Hobbs before I liked anything.

Blues: Between Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, and Son House, YOU are having a good day. No one has ever had the blues like these poor gentlemen.

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