Monday, December 20, 2010

LPFM Radio

...from Pitchfork...

Basically, Congress passed the Local Community Radio Act which should make it easier for low-power FM (LPFM) stations to get up and running.  When the FCC first allowed LPFM stations to exist back in 2000, their goal was to "...create opportunities for new voices on the air waves and to allow local groups, including schools, churches, and other community-based organizations, to provide programming responsive to local community needs and interests."

However, it's been a rough ride and, as the Act mentions, "Local communities have sought to launch radio stations to meet their local needs. However, due to the scarce amount of spectrum available and the high cost of buying and running a large station, many local communities are unable to establish a radio station" and still "in 2003, the average cost to acquire a commercial radio station was more than $2,500,000."

 It's still gonna be difficult, but at least there's good news in that this glacial process is still moving along.

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