Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jenny and Johnny

Everyone's talking about Jenny (Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley) and Johnny (singer/songwriter who has worked w/ Jenny in the past). The couple have already announced an upcoming LP entitled I'm Having Fun Now and they're also going on tour around North America.

The only date around SoCal so far is Oct. 3 @ The Hollywood Palladium. They're opening up for Belle & Sebastian and tickets are going for ~$39 ($50 after "service fees"). I highly recommend seeing this show if you have the money. (But if you have the money, you might also want to consider seeing Tool play "Third Eye." )

Either way, give Jenny and Johnny a listen by typing in your email address here. Given the current popularity of She & Him, I was expecting an acoustic duet. But the released track features a full band that sounds more like Metric than She & Him. Hell, it sounds more like Metric than Rilo Kiley or Jenny Lewis. If you love Rilo Kiley or Lewis's solo work primarily because of Jenny's vocals, this song might put you off as it's mostly Johnathan Rice. But let's hold off final judgement until we have some more tracks.

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